What makes Ashe House unique is its simple ethos of:


Inviting each person across the threshold, offering a point of entering and beginning of their own journey. A place where the principles of Loving Kindness and Compassion are honoured and cherished. Recognising that we all share the right to realise our full potential to love, to learn, to feel deeply, and to create. Living fully in all aspects of our being- mind, body, heart, soul and community. We take risks to reveal and discover ourselves. We provide learning opportunities and support personal and social transformation.


Offering a place and space of containment conducive to general well-being and bodily health.

Hearth Space/Heart Space

Returning to the age old traditions of our ancestors of hearth space, where there is always the sense of welcome, warmth and hospitality, time and space for each individual to tell their own story, and allowing the opening for Heart space to happen.


Standing on the shoulders of the ancient ones and our Celtic traditions, a connection to something that is older than us, to those who have gone before. Building on this older knowledge and adapting it to present time.


We recognise the interdependence of all, appreciating diversity of persons, thoughts, actions, and beliefs.