22 07, 2017

Rick Hanson in Ireland

Anne Kirwan and Carolin Grampp were delighted to co-host Rick Hanson in Ireland this June to share his Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course with us!

Having followed Rick’s work in his books, online offerings with the Foundations of Well-being and through his newsletters ‘Just One Thing’, Anne emailed him in 2014 inviting him to come to [Read more…]

24 01, 2017

2017 Thomas Ashe State Commemorations

Thomas Ashe resided in Ashe House while serving as principal in Corduff National School from 1908-1916. He was an inspirational and talented teacher, poet, musician, artist, social idealist, human rights activist, sportsman, Gaelic League activist, member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood and Commandant of the Volunteers of Dublin Brigade Fifth Battalion (Fingal Battalion).