Our Vision

To become an enriching learning space for All.

To become a premier programme-oriented facility, focusing especially, but not exclusively on Meditation, Mindfulness and Self Compassion, Positive Neuroplasticity,  Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma and the Body, Somatic Awareness, 5 Rhythms/Open Floor dance movement and Yoga.

The current owner  and manager of Ashe House, Anne Kirwan, sees herself in the role as custodian for the house and gardens, holding dear to, and honouring the ethos and spirit of creating and providing a Sacred Space for individuals to find balance, healing and transformation. The house and gardens resonate with this energy, which enhances the experiences of all who come to visit.

The centre also embraces the ethos and thinking of Thomas Ashe (1885-1917) as his core values of education, creativity, and equality are honoured at Ashe House to this day.