Anne Kirwan and Carolin Grampp were delighted to co-host Rick Hanson in Ireland this June to share his Positive Neuroplasticity Training and Professional Course with us!

Having followed Rick’s work in his books, online offerings with the Foundations of Well-being and through his newsletters ‘Just One Thing’, Anne emailed him in 2014 inviting him to come to Ireland, expecting a staff member to write back. Within an hour he had written from Australia, where he was teaching at that time and invited her to attend his training in Freiburg, Germany. Rick’s spontaneous response was the first clue to the nature of the man- generous, genuine, ordinary, and passionate about his work, living what he teaches!

Serendipitously Carolin was offered a cancellation on the very same course and so began a collaboration which lead to the realisation of the training!

For us both, the genius of positive neuroplasticity, or as Rick prefers to call it “Hardwiring Happiness”, is the absolute simplicity of the process: regular people of any age and background, can apply the practical techniques that he teaches, while understanding and being reassured by its foundation in brain science, positive psychology and contemplative wisdom.

The intention of Rick’s trainings is to turn fleeting beneficial experiences into lasting resources inside your own brain, i.e. you activate a mental state and install it in your brain a few seconds at a time. And this works because “neurons that fire together, wire together”, therefore installing inner resources such as strength, calm, happiness, confidence, feeling cared about, compassion, and love – to name just a few!

The impact of doing this work has been the building of our Vitamin C, the resources that help and support us in meeting what life is offering us – taking in the good and at the same time being able to meet the challenges from a place of resourcefulness. And this has enriched and balanced our own lives personally but also professionally in our work with clients and students.

Taking in the good is an act of self care and it is also something that we can teach those who we meet and work with in education, health care, mental health, organisational settings – and our own families.

Rick Hanson